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Penis Pump

Penis enlargement before sexual intercourse.

This sex toys is designed to produce a vacuum suction to to Penis increasing your blood flow and erection.

Maybe used as a vacuum suction for solo pleasure.

This penis vacuum pump can be used as a prelude to sex to make your sex life as perfect as possible.

6 Suction Strength and Suction Pattern

Dual-mode suction pump.

Training of erection length, hardness, and sensitivity, you can adjust the rate of pressure build-up to suit your own tastes and needs.

Quick release valve to ensure safe operation.

Although it is a fairly large chamber, the seal is very tight and provides a good vacuum where visible growth can be seen.

Visible Progres

There is a clear scale on the penis pump allows you to measure your length before and after your pumping cycle. You can see the engorged penis through the clear cylinder and by using it consistently for a period of time, you will find that your size has started to get progressively grow longer & stronger.

Charged by USB cable

Easy to Use and Clean: separate the silicone sleeve and chamber from the pump, clean and dry it and install it back together.

The motor is NOT waterproof, please be careful and keep away from the water as much as possible when using it.

Designed with the buyer in mind, including the LED display, shows the remaining power to prevent you from suddenly stopping working when you are excited.

The screen is marked with suction levels and suction modes, which will make it easy for you to remember the thrill setting you love.